Over Coming Negative

As you might be able infer from my other posts.  I have dwelt on my hate for running.  These negative thoughts, although humorous, could spell the end for me.  It is easy for discouragement to set in.  I am not as fast and do not recover quite as quickly as most of these other guys.  I am having a blast with this whole experience, but I pray that I can begin to get some joy out of the actual running because I know that as the novelty of this wears off, most of this experience is just going to be me and the road.

Team Injury

If your praying with us, pray for Zach.  He is experiencing shin splints that are really hampering his training.  He will be going to the Dr. soon.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors and rapid healing for Zach.


Praying for You

During my week day runs, I will be using that time to lift up prayer requests that are shared with me. The plan is to record them and listen and agree during the runs.

If you have a prayer request that you would like me to lift up send it to cfarley@insightbb.com I will not post them here, unless you request it. I want to redeem ever bit of time I can during my training.

General Prayer Requests

I make light of this journey in many of my posts, but in my heart, I am quite serious about this effort and want this to be a spring board to making our world a little bit better.  There will be many struggles, priority challenges, and life will go on while we train.

We would appreciate any who are willing, to lift us up in prayer.  I will share personal and team prayer requests in posts in this section.

Pray for:

  • Safety and health for the team in training.
  • Success in our fund raising efforts and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Ordering of our priorities (family, work, training, personal time, etc)
  • Strengthening of our relationships with each other, our friends and our families

Check back often and thanks for your support.

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