Day 15

Day 15 – 3 Miles – (I posted this and Day 13 & 14 on Monday, but some how I lost them so here it goes again.)  Up at 5:30, Breakfast and out the door at about 6:00.  10 Degrees, feels like 0.  So says.  After about 20 steps the cold was gone and I was moving pretty good.  My is still not picking up much like the rest of the guys, but I am feeling better all the time.   I can say that although I can’t say that I love these runs, it is still just training, I don’t hate it so much anymore.  It is just something I do.  Since this a repost, I think will end this here and move on to the run.  Those of you looking for something inspirational today, well, you will have to wait a bit.  I am working on a Super man bit that I hope will be work waiting for.  Some times it is hard to be motivated in these mundane days of life.  Unfortunately, that is what most days tend to be so we need to suck out everything we can out of each day and be thankful for these days without excitement.

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