Day 16 / Day 17

Day 16 – Rest & Day 17 – 4 Miles  – up  at 5:15 / Breakfast and a blog – Out the door at about 6:00.  Ice.  I hate Ice.  Everything is ice. I went out with the intention of stretching out my stride.  Forget that.  All I wanted to do was stay on my feet for 4 miles.  Short steps and a key eye.  No slips and no fall.

Now, on a completely different note.  Did I ever tell you I love cheese?  Cheese makes just about any food edible (except brussel sprouts, hoepless cause)  I have been trying to lay off the cheese and dump this excess baggage I am carrying.  Last night we celebrated my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday.  As is custom, she gets her pick of meal.  Cheesy brocoli, Cheesy Curried Rice and Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Thanks Lizzy!  It took about two miles to recover from the cheese overdose.

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  1. Chuck…your post was really cheesy! It was great though :). Keep up those runs and be careful out there on the ice!

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