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For the past few months I have been doing most of my writing in a facebook with a group of men. I have diligently written nearly every day based on my morning devotional time.  My blog entries have been mostly confined to blogs written in honor of family members.

Yesterday I noticed that even those family blogs have gained some internet interest.  At this point, I look at every blogger who comments, follows, or likes post. So who is interested in my family blogs? … mostly people who want me to use their methods to make money with my blog. Another thing I have noticed is that if I make multiple posts in one day most people only read the last post I make.  I realized that I regrettably tend to do the same thing with blogs I subscribe to and follow on a daily basis. (Sorry Annie B at http://ambirkelo.wordpress.com) (I love her blog, but I have a difficult time keeping up sometimes)

I mention all of this because of something I read on a post from a blogger with no interest in my content. A couple of his points made me consider my blog.  He indicated the importance of defining the purpose of your blog and finding an interest group.  When I started my blog, it was just my running journal and devotional and I did not care about an interest group other than my running buddies.  I was just an exercise in accountability.

So here is my mission:

1)    Determine what I want to accomplish with my writing

2)    Determine who I want to reach

3)    Post regularly but value the time of those who choose to follow.

4)    Improve my quality and content.

Until I figure out 1 & 2, I am going to move on with 3 & 4 and to post my FB group devotionals so that anyone can follow along and add their two cents.

I have posted my reading calendar as a page at the top for anyone who is interested.  I am currently going through the book “Mark for Everyone” by N.T. (Tom) Wright and my reading follows a the book.

I am already 5 days in to Mark so I have posted those 5 days as one post (so as not to wear you out).

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