Rest Day

Ps 91:1
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

 Day 9 – Rest Day– I actually took a rest from the blog yesterday. It is key that when we take on a marathon task, rest days are as important as work days. As we push our minds and bodies to the limit, we need a little healing time. I can’t see or feel the destruction and rebuilding of my muscles, but I know that it is going on.  Also, I have to take time to remind myself that this marathon ( or any other task in my life for that matter) is only a small part of the big picture in my life.   I have already expressed the personal importance of this quest to me.  Any of you who know me, know how important my family and relationship building is to me.  We all have things in our lives that drive us and we think that these should be the focus of our lives.

I think that God has an even bigger picture of our lives;  a purpose that we cannot fully comprehend.  He is not only looking at our “whole body of work”, he sees our lives in conjunction with the lives of everyone else.  So our little peep into the importance of our lives seems pretty lame.

OK, OK.  Submarine story – On a submerged submarine, the people driving the “boat” , helmsmen, planesman, throttleman, etc. have know idea where they are going.  They are just looking at their instruments, doing what they are told.  Even their supervisors, Diving Officer, Engineering Officer of the Watch, Chief of the Watch. etc. only have a rough guess of where they are going.  How about Sonar, the Navigator, even the Captain, they only rely on instruments or the reports of others.  Even if we know exactly where the ship is, we don’t know where the rest of the fleet is and we certainly don’ t know where the enemy is.  So we have to take time to communicate with those above that have those answers.

( Yes, I woke up early and I am putting off my four miler this morning)  My point is this, because we don’t know the big picture, we need to take a pit stop and get bearing from the One who sees it all.  Rest days are just as important for reaching the prize as any day of hard work.

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