Team Run #1

Day 6 – 5 miles – Pretty good run.  I think breakfast helped (Thanks again Bobby)  I can’t quite say I enjoyed the run, but I didn’t exactly hate it.  That is real progress.  We probably ran a bit faster than we should have, but it felt pretty good.  Company party tonight, I can go win another TV!!  Nothing more profound to say.  Rest day tomorrow and then Week #1 will be finished.  Only 15 more weeks.

4 thoughts on “Team Run #1”

  1. I just read your post about hoping you don’t dread every run, I was really glad to read this after that one. Keep your head up Chuck! I know that I admire the fact that you’re out there doing it, being the oldest one and everything. You’ll make it! You won’t, however, win ANOTHER TV if I have anything to do with it!

  2. Oh, my you are the oldest my dear brother. I am so proud! I know you will do well 🙂 You are an inspiration to your sister. I am eating fresh veggies, does that count 🙂


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