What the Heck! – Not going according to plan.

1) Training is on hold due to some swelling and pain. Did not see that coming.
2) Push through the pain….not always a good plan. After my “challenging” work out previously discussed, pushing through is not always the correct answer, especially when returning from an injury.
3) Blogging plan – Nice little series on Forward Motion….is rapidly growing stale even before I write it.
4) Even my quips on FB have gone astray. (I apologize if I have offended anyone) (I sometimes offend myself)

The footmen are crushing me at the moment. That is OK…forward motion is always harder than it sounds. To quote a wise little fish “swimming swimming, must keep swimming”

1) Hopefully, the swelling will go down and I will be back at it tomorrow.
2) I think I will listen to that voice a little closer that says, “not today partner”
3) Once I can get it into words, I think this little detour will be the conclusion to the forward motion blog.
4) I have cleaned, inspected and re-installed the filter and will periodically inspect it for damage and replace as necessary. To keep the offensive stuff out of my communications.

2 thoughts on “What the Heck! – Not going according to plan.”

  1. I haven’t been offended, either. And, well, I was pretty much going to say the same thing as my sister, so… 🙂

    Love you, praying for you, and keep writing! It inspires me to keep going, too.

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